We brewed 7 beers with 7 breweries for this week’s events.
One release each day with the culmination on Saturday
with an EPIC Tap Event. All 7 beers on tap. All 7 breweries in Haus. All enhanced by a solid local cast of characters
and a fun pairing menu.
Monday 10/16–Orono Brewing Co-Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout
Tues 10/17– Geaghan’s Brewing-Imperial Stout on Oak.
Wed 10/18-Mason’’s Brewing-German Keller Pils
Thurs 10/19– Banded Horn-Czech Dark Lager
Fri 10/20– Black Bear Brewing-Hoppy Imperial Red
Sat 10/21-Airline Brewing-Tadcaster Oatmeal Stout
Sat 10/21– Marsh Island Brewing-American Amber


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