Once again we have been working on further developing a site that gives you everything that is going on in the area.   We were asked awhile back about being able to list yard sales.   For us, it was not a simple as adding a category.   We thought it would be nice to show them in a map.  just in time for the spring season (yes, spring in coming) you will be able to check our site each day for the latest area yard/garage sales going on.   We will be adding the ones we happen to notice, but we would love to have you add yours as well.   As always, it is free to list and free to use!

To list a yard sale, simply click the “submit and event” button on the menu bar.  You can also click here.  Remember to select “Yard sale” as the category.  Be sure to include some details about the items you have for sale.   Also, a picture is always great at getting attention.

We will randomly feature certain yard sales on our Facebook and Alexa pages.  Thank you again for you support and we hope you enjoy this latest feature.