Access – The location is on Park St in Bangor. There is plenty of parallel parking on both sides of the street. During the weekday, it could be busy with other businesses and City Hall being open.

Atmosphere – The location is very nice. It is quaint how the sections of the restaurant seem to tie together. It was comfortable and inviting with plenty of room to relax.

Noise – The noise was appropriate for the time and location. This is a good location for a quiet dinner for two, or large party, or get together.

Hospitality – The staff were very accommodating and friendly. There were no issues with the service or the time we had to wait to be served.

Food – The food is delicious and has its own unique style. There are a lot of options and the staff are accommodating to off menu requests.

Value – Great value for the portion and hospitality

Summary – This is a long-standing business in the area. They are always great and friendly. Many restaurants have come and gone in the Bangor Area. This is one that is here because they have great food, friendly staff and atmosphere. We defiantly recommend.

Bangor Buzz gives it – [nyrating]


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